Five Tricks To Combating Seasonal Allergies

Spring is in the air as is pollen, trees in bloom, and all sorts of other allergens. This is a SUPER common issue that I very often get questions around.

So what to do when allergy season shows up?

Here are a few MUSTS to help support your immune system, your body and your sanity.

#1. Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is amazing. You can do just about everything with it from treating your pets skin infections to using it to clean your house.

I’m gonna tell you to drink the stuff. Why?

Because it helps the stomach turn ON when you eat. I recommend drinking a tablespoon before meals to help get your gastric juices flowing so that when partially chewed food shows up the stomach is prepared to break it down to individual nutrients to then be absorbed through the intestines for optimal health.

What does this have to do with allergies?

Welp, if you’re not breaking down, digesting and absorbing your nutrients then your bodies immune system is not getting all the right info to thrive.

It also reduces mucus production and helps your lymphatic system (aka drainage of the body).

If you cant handle drinking it, just take a wiff before meals. When you feel your salivary glands squirm you’re doing the right thing.

I like this one.

#2. Eat Bugs

80% (or more) of our immune system is in our gut. And when I hear allergies, I think IMMUNE HELP, and I go immediately to supporting the GI tract. And the number ONE way to do this is take a probiotic DAILY.


I love this one.

or Arbonnes Digest Plus

contact me here to order.

#3. Eat Bromelain And Papain

Or I could say, “eat pineapple and papaya” because these two are concentrated in the dah-licisousness of pineapple.

But if

1.     You’re not a pineapple or papaya fan


2.     You don’t see yourself eating them day in and day out

then take these guys.

Bromalain and papain are two enzymes that act as anti-inflammatories. Which is super awesome when dealing with allergies.

Because the immune system is “flared up” which triggers the IN-flammatory pathway, we want to set the body up with as much ANTI-inflammatory information as possible. These guys are heros when it comes to that job.

I love these.

#4. Take Quercitin

Quercitin is a flavonoid and acts in the body NATRURAL ANTIHISTAMIN. Ditch that over the counter stuff and eat capers, onions, cranberries and cherries.

Or I love this product.

#5. Eat Your Essential Fatty Acids

Omega 3 to be specific.

As I have said before, omega three is and ESSENTIAL fatty acid, which means we have to consume it from the outside world to maintain health.

Omega 3 plays a lot of roles in the body, and one of them is to push and support the ANTI-inflammatory pathway. And seeing that allergies is a form of inflammation we again, as in #3, we want to give the body as much anti-inflammatory info as we can.

So eat fish, bison, wild game, flax seeds.

And/or take this.

Or this.


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