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Over the past few years I have been gathering information, diving into the research,
listening to podcasts and sticking my nose in books to compile
the perfect combination of ancestral medicine blended with the most recent research
to bring you one of the most comprehensive courses available.

How Butter Makes Everything Better addresses issues with our current healthcare paradigm,
debunks common food myths, challenges the food pyramid, and answers questions like these:

Are you curious about what the heck you should eat?
Do you have a chronic health condition that you want to get to the bottom of?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Are you craving more information and great resources for health and food?

And how DOES butter make everything better?
(promise I'll tell ya)

This course is designed to teach you how to ADD HEALTH everyday.
It will give you the tools to implement to feel your best.
I will teach you how to follow natures laws.
I will teach you how to find out what foods work best for you,
recipes to make the kitchen fun again, and how to connect the dots of health.

This course will teach you WHY and HOW
so that you walk away with the inspiration to implement lifestyle changes
that have been difficult in the past.
You can finally see and feel a difference in your body and your life.

What you do EVERYDAY matters –
you are either making choices that are adding health,
creating joy, and bringing your body and life closer to balance...


...You aren’t.

I want you to have the knowledge to do the former.

Ready for success in your health and your life?

Lets play!


About This Course

Week 1 - Intro to Philosophy and Basic Treatment Guidelines
An introduction into the history and philosophy of naturopathic medicine
and a guide on how you can be adding health everyday
with some basic remedies, lifestyle changes and activities.

Week 2 - The Hormone Cascade
Hormones affect everything.
I view the endocrine system as an orchestra and the conductor as the brain.
You can’t have a balanced song if you only focus on the trumpets –
you have to support ALL the instruments to have a symphony.
How do you do that with the endocrine system? I’ll teach ya.

Week 3 - The Micro-biome and Gut Connection
More and more research is being done on the human micro-biome (beneficial bacteria that line our gut and our skin)
and how ESSENTIAL it is for total health.
There are more strains of bacteria in and on us than there are cells in our body.
We are housing them so that they can help us.
Some of the questions we will address in this class are what role does the micro-biome and microbiota play?
How do we keep our micro-biome in balance?
How do they get out of balance?
What can we do to support our gut and our immune system?
What does this have to do with food allergies, food sensitivities, weight loss or gain, and diseases like cancer?

Week 4 - What the Heck Should I Eat?
Want to take the guess work out of what to eat?
Unfortunately food has become so confusing and with the amount of allergies,
sensitivities, and diseases what the heck should you eat?
We will go through how macros (fats, protein, carbs) work in the body,
the best choices, and how stress affects digestion and what to do about it.

Week 5 - The Diet Review
Keto, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, Atkins, Weight Watchers,
blood type…like food choices, DIET choices are equally as confusing.
We will review the fad diets, what works about them, and what doesn’t
and ultimately teach you how FOOD can work for you or against you.
For you to then make choices that work and not label your eating habits with a trendy diet title…its just food.

Week 6 - The Nutritional Physical
Among the most popular classes that I teach.
I will take you through the body on a nutritional physical tour.
Why do you have excess earwax? Most likely an essential fatty acid deficiency.
Why does your tongue get red and burn sometimes? Most likely a B12 deficiency.
How come you have ridges in your nails? Most likely a mineral deficiency.
This class is super fun!


Course delivery and duration: 6 prerecorded videos

Your investment: $299



How Butter Makes Everything Better
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