A Six-week Course

A six-week online class designed to teach, empower and inspire you around food, health,  lifestyle and choice.


Teach you health, how the body works, what sets it up to win, how you can feel the best you have ever felt, and have fun doing it. Empower you with knowledge that few have, so you can spread it throughout your life and to others. Inspire you to take steps you’ve never taken, do things you’ve never done, to think and see outside the lines so that you can lead your greatest life possible.


Weekly video lessons
Handouts to support you through each lesson
Recipes that will make your taste buds dance
A high level of engagement and accountability
Bottomless resources


Classes will begin on September 6th and occur every week on Wednesday at 8:00 P.M. EST.
Classes will be presented via Facebook Live on our private Facebook page.
Classes will be 90 minutes long. You will receive an invitation the week BEFORE class starts
so you can introduce yourselves and download notes.


Week 1 - Intro to philosophy
The paradigm shift, and setting intentions and goals

Week 2 - Organ development and basic physiology
Understanding the development of systems exploring how your body works

Week 3 - Food 101
Nutrition overview and nutritional myth busting

Week 4 - Food 201
The physiology of food, the truth about stress, ‘Politically correct’ nutrition

Week 5 - Tanda’s Pantry
My favorite home remedies that everyone should know about

Week 6 - The Nutritional Physical
Understanding what your body is telling you


This course is designed for you to walk away with a very deep understanding of how your body works, how to add health, how to maximize your life, feel your best and live with purpose. Oh yeah, and to have a great time doing it all. How do you get all of that? You come to class! Your attendance for these classes is highly encouraged and yet I know life happens so if you have to miss the great news is that these will be recorded so you can go back at any time and listen to them. If you are going to miss a class? Great question! All you have to do is let us know. My intention is that your classmates become a wonderful asset and touch point in your life, and that you build a community of support with each other over the six weeks and beyond. Your presence and participation matters!


Awesome! Ask away. Questions are highly encouraged, as well as asking for clarification on things. The worst question is the one not asked. On Facebook Live you can post questions at anytime during the class. You can also post your questions on our private Facebook page. And my promise to you is if I don’t know the answer, I will find it out for you. This course is for you and your eyes and brain – Please don’t copy or share any of the documents, downloads or slides.




*Enrollment in this course is limited*