"…don't walk.... RUN to sign up!" - Linda G

"I have been absolutely enthralled with the classes.... I’ve watched each one over and over and just can't believe how much I have to learn!  It's exciting and thrilling and I find myself sooo excited when I wake up on Wednesdays because it is class day!!!" – Kate C

"That was brilliant! You are brilliant!!!" - Dana C

"SO I am finishing week 2 and my mind is completely blown!! First off, Tanda Cook you are speaking my language and I want to just know everything you know! Anyone else out there feeling behind or have only dipped a toe into this shift, just give yourself grace and jump in!! xoxo" - Maggie D


"You have changed my life. You have helped me grow and understand my way to finding joy." - Diane T

"I cannot begin to thank you enough for being YOU! I am looking forward to the journey ahead and I will be a good student and do the work - I promise!" - Denise R


"Tanda Cook and Christen Scott have created a life awakening adventure, opening the doors to finding your personal best through mindfulness, nutrition and awareness. The preparation of our evening meal became the highlight of the day. We had so much fun working as a family unit creating delectable, pleasurable masterpieces which were accompanied by stimulating conversation and loads of love and laughter." - Kathy B